Can-Am Commander Max Tops and Windshields

Side By Side Stuff is your source for aftermarket UTV parts and accessories like Can-Am Commander Max Windshields, Roofs, and Body accessories. You may be asking yourself why you may need these components added to your rig, and the answer is simple. Comfort and cabin preservation. Now that we've piqued your curiosity let's see what this category has to offer.

Aftermarket windshields are generally one of the first upgrades enthusiasts embark on for obvious reasons. These cars have a lot of power with very little protection from offroad transgressions. So, a shatter-resistant polycarbonate windshield from Direction 2 or EMP can reduce bugs, drive winds, and debris from entering the cab. Up next, overhead coverage! We all know how cooperative the weather is, right? A UTV hardtop by Super ATV will keep the UV rays and rain off you so you can enjoy your ride experience. Our supply doesn't stop there as we'd be here all day if we gave you the 411 on everything.

Be sure to browse for quality Can-Am Commander parts and accessories that will increase your ride quality. Heck, we can even get you hooked up with an offroad sound system fit for a club DJ if that's what you're after.