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Ranger XP 1000 Windshields & Roofs

You didn't purchase your rig only to choke on bugs, be blasted by travel wind, and be hit by flying debris. Side By Side Stuff has an easy fix with Full-Size Polaris Ranger XP 1000 windshields, roofs, and body accessories! Here, you will find aftermarket UTV parts and accessories from the top brands in the Powersports industry.

Working in the elements is taxing, where the integration of aftermarket hard or soft top is ideal. In addition, the Full-Size Ranger XP 1000 parts will provide protection from the environment and the weather! Some even come with outstanding features that further increase function. For instance, the Thumper Fab hardtops include optional lighting and offroad sound systems. If that isn't your bag and it's non-restrictive you're after, consider a shaded top from MotoRoof or a soft roof from GCL.

Once you've chosen which Ranger XP 1000 roof you want, it's time to decide on a UTV windshield. Windshields are a must when it comes to traveling offroad as the transgressions can get brutal. Our side-by-side windshields and rear panels consist of polycarbonate, glass, or vinyl construction.

Glass is an excellent option for those who plan on legalizing their rig. This material will not scratch, fade, or discolor as others may. On the other hand, polycarbonate will seal the deal if you want shatterproof protection. In fact, it's nearly indestructible. Finally, you can choose these Polaris windshields with upgrades like hard-coating and tint. Ideal for any offroad enthusiasts.

Side By Side Stuff supports the hard work of farmers and rec riders! Along with UTV windshields, roofs, and body accessories, we offer the tools you need to make your tough tasks a little easier, like these Full-Size Ranger XP 1000 plows and implements. But, it doesn't stop there. Anything you need for your UTV can be found right here at