High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit - 2016-18 Polaris General 1000

High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit - 2016-18 Polaris General 1000
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Product Description

NOTE: The additional tools PCP-8 and 2017 - CCT520, 2016 - CCT510 (which are available above) are required for installation.

Applicability: 2016-18 Polaris General 1000 (2 seat models)

From the farm to the trails, your Polaris General 1000 is an off-road boss built to take on any tough job along the way! From jagged rocky roads to sloppy mud holes, having those bigger tires on your UTV has been extremely beneficial on those rugged trails, however, it can also strip your machine of its full potential. That is where the High Lifter Outlaw Clutch Kit comes in. This awesome aftermarket accessory will boost your machine's performance that gets stripped from oversized tires.

Like we stated, this clutch kit gives you back horsepower you lost with those bigger tires with better low end and mid-range acceleration. Designed for 27"-28" tires, it reduces belt slippage and clutch heat, along with quick back shift that results in a dramatic throttle response that will sure to impress. Whether you are hitting the trails, hauling heavy equipment or just messing around in the mud, this kit works great for all around use for any occasion. If you are in need of a power boots, than look no further than this aftermarket addition for your UTV today!

  • Designed for 27" - 28" tires only
  • Designed for up to 3,000 ft. elevation
  • Better low end and mid-range acceleration
  • Makes up for the power loss and slow response of adding oversized tires
  • Quicker backshift which results in crisp throttle response
  • Reduces belt slip and clutch heat
  • Best all around use kit
  • Great for trail riding, occasional mud and sand riding, plowing and hauling

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